Planning a party or community event, but want to take the reigns and man the grills yourself? 

All of the meat served in our restaurants and at our events is sourced through Ruby & White, our very own Bristol-based butchery company.

Ruby & White take great pride in the provenance and quality of their meat - choosing to source exclusively through small, family owned farms that specialise in the rearing of native breeds, and even shooting their own seasonal game whenever possible.

Having direct access to Ruby & White's butchery counter and dry ageing fridge means that The Cowshed kitchen benefits from the unique ability to trace the provenance each cut of meat they serve from field to fork; so whether you're planning on hosting a small, local event or a large scale affair, contact us to discuss our D-I-Y Burger, Sausage and Meat packages, you'll be able to cook with confidence that the meat you'll be serving has been sourced ethically and sustainably.